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Student Success

Each student deserves to achieve their very best. We have a French teacher and an English teacher dedicated specifically to helping every child reach their full potential whether it be through additional challenges or extra support.

How it works

Whether your child needs extra support or enrichment, our dedicated staff will work with them to ensure they are successful. Our Student Success teachers will work with your child for as long as needed. For some students this may be a few weeks, for others it is a few years. In each case, these individual or small group sessions are considered part of your tuition payments, and the extra support is given during class time.

If your child has come to Westboro Academy after kindergarten, it might be helpful to attend extra sessions with the Student Success teacher to gain additional experience in French. Some children need additional support with literacy and numeracy skills, while others need support to ensure they remain challenged in their learning. Sometimes, the Student Success teachers join the homeroom teachers in the classroom. Other times students are assisted in the resource room.

Westboro Academy will work with parents to develop a learning plan that suits the needs of the child. We offer a plan that is documented for parents, teachers and administrators to share, and revisited as needed throughout the time a student attends the school.

For additional information about our Student Success program, please contact Derek Rhodenizer, Director of Academics.

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About Us

Westboro Academy is a small, independent day school for kindergarten through grade 8. Learn about our history, mission, team, and the Westboro Academy bilingual education advantage.


The rigorous academic program is built on a truly bilingual model for learning. Achieving personal excellence with a strong work ethic, and reaching your best in a supportive environment are keys to success.

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Being a part of Westboro Academy includes leadership development, special programs and activities, character defining experiences and service learning opportunities.