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Specialist Courses

Our students are privileged to learn from dedicated and trained specialist teachers in Music, Art, Science, and Health and Physical Education. Weekly lessons in each of these disciplines ensures a broad and varied academic environment.

Health and Physical Education (HPE)

In all grades from JK to grade 8, students take Health and Physical Education classes 2-5 times per week. Taught by our HPE specialist, students are taught using an inclusive approach, designed to foster a healthy, active lifestyle. With a focus on maintaining this for a lifetime, the fundamental movement skills are taught early and frequently. As the children progress through the grades, there is an increased focus on specific skill development that can be applied across many sports and activities. The athletic environment is supportive and inclusive at all times. There are no team tryouts, and everyone is encouraged to participate in as much as possible to promote a lifetime of good health.

Outside of the regular Physical Education Program, Westboro Academy students are involved in a variety of athletic events. Westboro Academy belongs to the OISAA (Ottawa Independent Schools Athletic Association). Through this group, our students and their teams compete with other independent schools from across the city. We are currently competing in several soccer leagues, and also compete in cross-country running, track races, hockey and basketball.


Our science program is taught in English (grades 1-8) or in French (Junior and Senior Kindergarten). Starting in grade 1, our certified Science Specialist delivers a rigorous and engaging science program.  The approach to the program is highly academic, but with an emphasis on exploration, experiments, and hands-on learning experiences. Our science program is a highlight for many students and has frequently been sighted as the catalyst to many careers in STEM. There is a strong emphasis on the scientific method which is exemplified in our annual science fair. Furthermore, each year, our middle school students have gone on the the Regional Science Fair to compete against the top young scientists in the area and have successfully brought back accolades and awards each and every year.


Developing a strong musical awareness and understanding is core to the development of the whole child. To foster this, our music instruction is delivered by a music specialist every week. In the early years, the focus is on music appreciation and participation. Learning to read music and to perform with instruments is added as the children get older. Our music program has many aspects including: formal music classes for all grades, optional choir and instrumental music for grades 6-8 including flutes, clarinets, alto saxophones, and tenor saxophones, trombones, percussion, and trumpets. In this way, every student is able to find a musical and creative outlet and develop a greater appreciation for music. Twice a year, the students prepare a show for parents and guests that highlights and exhibits the pieces they have mastered.



Westboro Academy prides itself on making art meaningful, enjoyable and accessible to all students. We offer a hands-on learning process that nurtures creativity and self-expression. Our visual arts program is designed to inspire critical thinking, creative problem-solving skills, as well as using art to enhance learning in other disciplines. In kindergarten, the students integrate art projects into their thematic learning within their homeroom environment. Art at this level encourages self-expression and creativity as well as enhances fine motor skills and coordination. In grades 1-5, the imaginative process is encouraged by providing activities with no “right” or “wrong” design. However, the lessons and projects are chosen with specific principles and objectives in mind. Students start with an idea and are then introduced to new techniques through a multi-media approach. This program is designed to help foster an appreciation for the arts. In grades 6-8, students use traditional & contemporary tools, materials and media to express feelings, think like artists and value the creative process and the art form. classes form a critical part of our programme and are part of the weekly schedule for all students. Art is taught in French by our dedicated art specialist.


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Student Success

Each student deserves to achieve their very best. We have a French teacher and an English teacher dedicated specifically to helping every child reach their full potential whether it be through additional challenges or extra support.

Classes & Curriculum

Teaching and learning is at the heart of the school. By using the Ontario English curriculum, and the French first language curriculum from Québec, we ensure a truly bilingual learning environment

School Life

Being a part of Westboro Academy includes leadership development, special programs and activities, character defining experiences and service learning opportunities.