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Grades 1-6

A solid foundation for future success: find out about the grade 1-6 curriculum and how your child can benefit from our bilingual program.

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A Solid Foundation for Success

Students in grades 1-6 are exposed to a bilingual program that uses the Ontario curriculum for English, and the Québec curriculum for French. All grades are taught by specialist teachers for Physical Education, Art, Music and Science. The grade 1-6 classes have a maximum of 18 students per class.

Grades 1-3

The primary grades at Westboro Academy ensure our grades 1-3 students acquire the solid foundation they need for future success. We have a rigorous program that nurtures the whole child and fosters a sense of belonging, citizenship, and responsibility. Our school provides a balanced approach towards learning.

Starting in grade 1, the students’ instruction time becomes bilingual. They have alternating mornings and afternoons of French and English and join specialists for science, art, music and Physical Education.

  • Courses taught in English include: English Language Arts, mathematics, science, and music.
  • Courses taught in French include: Français, études sociales,  and art.

Homework is introduced in grade 1.  There is a mandatory 30 minute teacher-assisted homework period at the end of each day from Monday to Thursday; many students find this time sufficient to get their work done, leaving more time at home for other activities.

By the end of grade 3, standardized testing has proven that our students are typically performing at levels far ahead of the Canadian norm.


Grades 4-6

In the junior years, students continue to build on prior learning while taking on new leadership responsibilities. The bilingual program continues in the same format as for the grades 1-3 students while there is increased time and attention given to developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The dedicated and caring teachers guide the students through a program full of challenges and opportunities for growth.

Students are given opportunities to become involved with the Student Council and to take on leading community service projects and initiatives. Global and community understanding is fostered for junior students through formal and informal events, charity fundraisers, community outreach and caring for younger students.

Grades 4-6 students also have the opportunity to participate in inter-school sports competitions. Any student who is interested in being involved in our sports teams will have a place and a chance to play. It is an inclusive environment.‍‍‍

Our results from standardized testing indicate that by the end of grade 6, our students are consistently performing at levels ahead of their placement.  Grade 6 students are also ready for the level of autonomy and independence required for middle school.

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About Us

Westboro Academy is a small, independent day school for kindergarten through grade 8. Learn about our history, mission, team, and the Westboro Academy bilingual education advantage.


The rigorous academic program is built on a truly bilingual model for learning. Achieving personal excellence with a strong work ethic, and reaching your best in a supportive environment are keys to success.

School Life

Being a part of Westboro Academy includes leadership development, special programs and activities, character defining experiences and service learning opportunities.