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Educational Approach

Westboro Academy offers a rigorous bilingual program while maintaining a strong focus on community and relationships.

How we work

Westboro Academy has a strong academic focus in a rigorous academic environment. We encourage our students to give their best efforts. We foster a learning context where students are recognized for their progress, work ethic, and dedication. Students are expected to be critical thinkers and problem solvers who can collaborate with others and work towards a common goal. We believe that knowing what to do with knowledge you have gained is more important than gaining knowledge. We teach children to communicate ideas, listen to others, consider points of view and to take a stand. We build a strong community that fosters a culture of learning and celebrates differences. By learning in an environment where it is alright to experience failure, everyone succeeds!

The bilingual advantage

With extra languages, our graduates can:

  • Outperform monolinguals on many cognitive tasks including solving problems, creative thinking and multi-tasking
  • Cultivate a deeper appreciation of other cultures
  • Be able to interact with people from many backgrounds
  • Travel around the world with ease

Why French?… French, along with English, is of special importance in Canada and is the official working language of major organizations like the United Nations and NATO. With 235 million French-language speakers, French is an important world language. The use of the French language has increased by 10% since 2014. It is also one of the only languages in the world spoken on five continents.

Use of Technology

Technology is a valuable learning tool that is available for students to use in age appropriate ways. Westboro Academy is a Mac school. Classrooms and the learning commons have Mac desktop computers for students to share when needed. There are also travelling carts of iPads and MacBook Air laptops for student use. Students may use these devices with teacher supervision only, and for educational purposes only. Every classroom has projection capabilities for sharing and learning through visual means. Each Westboro Academy child has an account that is monitored and managed by the school and this account hosts important features like Google Classroom as a communication feature between home and school. Starting in grade 5, students learn how to use shared documents and submit their work online on occasion.

We know that familiarity and ease with technology will be essential as students grow older. We also give strong emphasis to the value of writing, sharing, researching, and learning through a wide variety of other means.

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The rigorous academic program is built on a truly bilingual model for learning. Achieving personal excellence with a strong work ethic, and reaching your best in a supportive environment are keys to success.

School Life

Being a part of Westboro Academy includes leadership development, special programs and activities, character defining experiences and service learning opportunities.


Being community-focussed is a key aspect of our school mission and we work hard to ensure a vibrant and cohesive community.