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Participants will learn vocabulary by engaging in activities outside of the classroom in both English and French. Most importantly, participants will be encouraged to have fun!  Browse our most frequently asked questions below.

My child is 3 years old but will be starting JK in the fall. Can he/she attend camp?

If your child will be turning 4 before December 31st of this year, you are most welcome to register your child for camp.

My child does not speak French, would this camp be a good fit?

The goal of our camp is to develop campers’ French skills. Most of our children either come from or will be beginning French Immersion Programs, therefore the level of each child’s French can vary depending on their background. Even children with no experience in French can be suitable. The qualified teachers use games, activities and lessons to increase French vocabulary and comprehension.

Are the children allowed to speak English at camp?

Children are encouraged to speak French while at camp. However, because they may not have the necessary vocabulary to communicate all of their needs, they likely will speak some English. Counsellors and teachers request that the children repeat the sentences in French.

Will the same plans be retaught weekly?

The program is designed so that children can sign up for multiple weeks; the teachers change their plans weekly. Certain repetition is necessary for learning; however, the activities will be new.

Is there a food program?

A food program is not offered. Parents must send a minimum of two healthy snacks, a lunch and a refillable water bottle daily.

What is the supervision staff/child ratio?

The Fun in French experience emphasizes small group learning and therefore our emphasis is on maintaining low staff-camper ratios. Our ratio is 1:12 or smaller.

Can I register my child for certain days of the week, or do I have to register for the full week?

Registration is on a weekly basis, we are unable to accommodate daily registration.

Will I receive a receipt?

A tax receipt will be mailed to your home address (on the application form) by the end of February of the following year.

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